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ORG Business Meeting in Vancouver

The third ORG meeting was held on June 20, 2019 in conjunction with the IADR/CADR/AADR meeting in Vancouver. ORG members from around the world were present.


Members discussed group business and planning for the upcoming 2020 IADR /AADR meeting in Washington DC. The high light of this meeting was award winning researchers and high participants of members that is fast growing.


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We are a group of Orthodontic scientists and clinicians who are committed to forming and overseeing a new IADR Scientific Group that will serve as an innovation nucleus with a welcoming environment for cutting-edge researchers across disciplines to advance Orthodontic treatments. The “Orthodontic Research Group” (ORG) will provide a platform for everyone interested in Orthodontic research to participate in the exchange of scientific information and ideas.

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