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About us

The Orthodontic Research Group (ORG) is an innovation nucleus welcoming clinicians and researchers across disciplines to advance Orthodontic treatments. Our focus is on translational Orthodontic research that makes meaningful use of basic and clinical research findings to advance Orthodontic care. ORG also increases awareness of our specialty - which provides care to millions of patients each year at a significant cost in both time and money - and we promote innovations to decrease these burdens for the entire population of Orthodontic patients.


1. Expose clinicians and students to the science that has immediate clinical application.

2. Provide a forum and facilitate the exchange of scientific ideas in Orthodontics among ORG Members and Members of other IADR Scientific Groups.

3. Bring Academia and Industry together for closer collaborations.

4. Provide clinicians with Continuing Education courses teaching cutting-edge approaches to advanced orthodontics.

5. Facilitate presentations, seminars, workshops, symposia and publication of high impact scientific papers in Orthodontic research and innovation.

6. Recognize excellence in both established and young Orthodontic scientists through the presentation of competitive research awards;


7. Help ORG members take their innovative treatments and devices from concept to market. ORG members will receive guidance through the product development pipelines that are becoming increasingly important to our specialty.

8. ORG also recognizes that the future cannot be left to chance. We are actively engaging students in ORG functions and mentoring them to take the reins of leadership in ORG.

9. Keep the Orthodontic community around the world updated through a quarterly newsletter.

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